A microscopic view of the SARS coronavirus.

A microscopic view of the SARS coronavirus.
  • Hello! Here is our daily roundup of coronavirus stats from the last 24 hours, on a country-by-country basis.
  • Bad news in Spain, but the “plateau” in the US is holding.
  • Progress in Italy, Germany, and UK is extremely slow.
  • Belgium is a small country with a big problem.
  • Scroll on for charts based on data from Worldometers.
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The US: The “new cases” plateau is holding.

That’s good news. But it is not a decline – which you need to end a lockdown – and deaths are still going up.

Spain: This is heartbreaking. Are we seeing a second wave?

Let’s hope not. Deaths remain elevated.

“Active cases” ticked up too.

Italy: Still fighting the good fight but the rate of decline has slowed.

Deaths still elevated at 500+ per day.

France: More messy data making it difficult to say what the real trend is.

France obviously has a problem with uneven data collection.

Germany: Entering “Italy” territory, in the sense that an initial promising decline in new cases has given way to a more feeble rate of decline.

Deaths still growing.

Active cases show the real story.

The UK: Holding on to the plateau, but only just.

Deaths are still over 700 per day.

Active cases still rising. That’s the real story here.

Iran: The opposite of France, in the sense that this data is so smooth.

It doesn’t display the randomness you’d expect to see.

Turkey: Let’s hope that’s a plateau not a pause before new growth.

Deaths reflect an increase in active cases

Belgium: Population 12 million. Yet is putting up “big country” numbers of cases, and the plateau is weak.

New deaths are trending up.

NYC: Excellent progress in the city, with hospital admissions in steep decline.

Sweden: Took a relaxed approach, which has not included a full-scale lockdown, and is now paying the price.

Singapore: In the early stages of the crisis.

Japan: Also behind the curve.

Here is the grid of most-affected countries.

If you want more detail on your country, click here.



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