Hey Twitter: You Should Ban @realDonaldTrump For TOS Violations


Immediately after the shooting at YouTube Headquarters earlier this week, the fake lying tweets containing conspiracy theories, lies, and false claims appeared.

This time, Twitter had more programming in place to deal with it.

Newsweek reports that

Twitter has confirmed it suspended hundreds of accounts this week for spreading “malicious information” following the shooting at YouTube HQ.

Using automated technology, it detected tweets spreading misinformation within minutes of their creation. The U.S. social network suspended “hundreds of accounts for harassing others or purposely manipulating conversations,” said Del Harvey, Twitter’s Trust and Safety vice president, in a blog post on Thursday.

Twitter said it had learned from previous breaking events (including hurricanes, floodings and terror attacks) how to improve the speed of its response. It said that within 24 hours of the YouTube shooting it recorded 1.3 million tweets on the subject, and described how it used the “Moments” tab to surface legitimate news.

Twitter’s in-house blog noted their standards:

Is the content posted to harass or abuse another person, violating our rules on abusive behavior?

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