How To Counter, Beat And Catch Moltres In ‘Pokémon GO’


Pokemon GOCredit: Niantic

It’s shiny Moltres day in Pokémon GO, where the world will be teeming with trainers fighting against fiery phoenixes in hopes of grabbing a rare, color-shifted variation. Moltres isn’t the hardest legendary fight out there, so this one should be relatively straightforward. Just roll with a group and bring Rock, Water and Flying-types: you should be taking the thing down in no time. If you want a little guidance on how to counter, beat and catch Moltres, read below for some solid options on what to bring with you.

Tyranitar: The reigning king of the double rock attack is going to be your best friend against Moltres. A smackdown/stone edge Tyranitar will be able to shred Moltres with all-around high stats and super-effective damage. According to Reddit, a boosted Tyranitar can even solo Moltres under the right circumstances. Bite/stone edge should still be effective, just not as much as smackdown.

Golem: The previous raid champ is still one of the best Pokémon to use against Moltres. Rock throw/stone edge gets you that coveted double bonus against Moltres’ Fire and Flying-types, and solid defensive stats means that you likely won’t have to run through your team so long as you’ve got two other trainers or so with you.

Kyogre: Moltres is a Fire-type, and as such we’ve got to include the strongest Water-type Pokémon in the game on this list. A Kyogre with Hydro Pump will be able to do some serious damage if you’ve got one. I don’t have one. It’s fine.

Zapdos: If Kyogre is here to counter Moltres’ Fire typing, Zapdos is here to counter Moltres’ Flying typing. Most people should have one or two of these legendary birds ready to roll, and they’ll fry Moltres no problem.

Vaporeon: Vaporeon isn’t one of the absolutely top-tier counters by the numbers, but it warrants an inclusion on this and other lists for how easy it is to get. Anyone who spent some time catching on Eevee Community Day should have been able to get and level at least one, and Eevee candy has been easy enough to come by since day one. If you’ve got blank spots in your lineup, go with Vaporeon.

Moltres in Pokemon GO.Credit: Niantic

Catch Phase: Moltres isn’t so hard to catch in Pokémon GO–or more accurately, it’s not so hard to hit with Pokéballs. It does a sort of swooping attack and flies upwards, but other than that you’re just working with unforgiving RNG that dominates all Legendary catch phases. Just try to hit those curveballs and don’t skimp on the Golden Razzberries. If you let a shiny go, then I’m sincerely sorry.


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