Hundreds of homes evacuated as California wildfires rage on


Hundreds of homes have been evacuated as authorities battle wildfires in California.

According to authorities an evacuation notice has been issued to about 250 homes which are believed could be put at risk by the fires.

A summer camp near one of the fires in Santa Barbara County has also been safely evacuated after flames reportedly temporarily trapped children.

The evacuations came in the wake of three fires in California on Saturday that spread quickly as the state baked in record heat as temperatures soared to 36.6C.

High temps and dry gusts contributed to the spread of the three fires in California, with one blaze in Santa Barbara reportedly tripling in size to nearly 30 square miles over eight hours.

Elsewhere in Northern California, a wildfire in Butte County wildfire is said to have swept through grassy foothills before destroying 10 structures and leaving burned-out pick-up trucks in its wake.


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