ICE agrees to delay deportation of young cancer patient’s mom, for now


It’s welcome news, but De Loera is not yet in the clear because she could still be vulnerable to deportation depending on ICE’s decision. Her attorneys have asked immigration officials to let her stay in the United States for at least another year, so that she can continue to be with Alia while she receives treatment for a very aggressive form of lung cancer that has resulted in numerous trips to the Intensive Care Unit:

Alia has undergone eight surgeries, some on her right leg, lungs and mouth, to remove the cancer.

The eight-year-old, who is described by her mother as a fighter, beat cancer briefly.

In February, her cancer went into remission but it returned as other tumors soon formed in her lungs.

“She is very strong,” De Loera said about Alia. “She has tremendous strength. She does not give up. She wants to keep living.” 

As someone with no criminal record, De Loera should in no way be a priority for deportation. The right and just thing to do is for ICE to let this mom stay here where she belongs. “I’ve always taken care of my daughter,” she told El Paso Times. “Since she was diagnosed with sarcoma, I’ve been by her side day and night. The doctors and the nurses know I’ve been with her at all times.”

“It really moves your heart to see any child suffering from something like this, clearly it would be a cruel thing for our country to deport her mother, who fled from Mexico when her husband was murdered with obviously a credible fear for herself and for her children,” said Bishop Seitz.

“It would be cruel at this moment to leave her daughter in the hospital and to be deported from this country.”


USA News


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