‘I’m not a quitter’: Theresa May rules out standing down as Prime Minister


Theresa May has insisted she intends to stay on as Prime Minister to fight the next election, telling ITV News: “I’m not a quitter.”

The Prime Minister told Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen she was “in this for the long term” amid speculation about her future in the role.

Mrs May’s hopes of remaining as Conservative leader have appeared doomed since her gamble on a snap election backfired.

Speaking on the first day of a three-day diplomatic trip to Japan, Mrs May said she was aware of the rumours that she could be replaced as the leader of the Conservative Party.

But she rejected the talk of her standing down or being replaced in Number 10.

“Yes, there has been an awful lot of speculation about my future which has no basis in it whatsoever,” she told Dinnen, adding: “I’m in this for the long term.”

Asked if that means she is not going to quit before the next election, she replied: “I’m not a quitter.”

Many of Mrs May’s Cabinet members are thought to be starting to jockey to replace her.

She is widely seen as living on borrowed time after the damaging June election that saw her party lose its working majority in the House of Commons.

Today, Mrs May maintained she was enthused by the challenges of the current Parliament.

She said there was a “real job to be done” in the UK, including getting the “Brexit deal right” while building a “deep and special partnership” with the European Union.

With a nod to her trade discussions in Japan, Mrs May said:”But it’s also about building global Britain, trading around the world.

“Yes dealing with injustices that remain in the United Kingdom.

“But also going out around the world ensuring that we can do those trade deals that bring prosperity to our economy and bring jobs to the United Kingdom.”


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