Japan museum takes care of lost stuffed toy for 30 years, still hopes to find its owner


YAMAGATA, Japan: The Chido Museum in the town of Tsuruoka has held on to a stuffed toy a visitor left behind for about three decades, in hopes that its owner would come back to claim it.

In a tweet on Friday (Dec 7), the museum shared pictures on its Twitter page of a Donald Duck stuffed toy, which it had nicknamed “Dona-chan”.

It was discovered about 30 years ago in the museum parking lot and since then, museum employees have taken turns to have the toy on their desks, according to the tweet. 

The workers also washed the toy when it became too dirty and even knitted for it a new set of clothes.  

Twitter users lauded the museum’s efforts at preserving and taking care of the toy. 

One user said he wanted to get a Daisy Duck from Disneyland to accompany the toy, while others shared pictures and memories of stuffed toys they had kept since their childhood. 

Chido Museum, which houses a collection of samurai-related paraphernalia including helmets and swords, said it did not expect the tweet to receive so much of the spotlight, but hoped the attention would somehow help locate the toy’s owner. 



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