Jersey woman: ‘I heard a woman screaming – she had been stabbed’ | Channel


A Jersey woman has told ITV News her dramatic story of spending an hour and a half on lock down in a London pub last night, during the terror attacks in the capital.

Candice Miller, 24, was out with friends in London Bridge when the three attackers struck.

A woman who was stabbed nearby sought refuge in the Old Thameside Inn where Candice was.

She describes how the woman had stab wounds to her neck and chest, and how people came to her aid trying to stop the bleeding with tissue.

Candice initially wanted run, but was persuaded by her boyfriend and friend persuaded her to stay.

They joined others in the basement after the pub was barricaded by police, where they stayed for around 90 minutes.

Candice was led out of the pub and through the streets of London by armed officers and made it safely back to her East London home in the early hours of the morning.

She says that she’s relieved to be home safely, but that she did fear the worst.

Here Candice talks us through her experience during the attack in her own words.


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