Kentucky AG Sues Walgreens Over Massive Opioid Sales



Kentucky’s attorney general on Thursday sued Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (WBA.O), accusing the company of playing a dual role in propagating an opioid epidemic in the state as both a pharmacy chain and wholesale drug distributor.

The lawsuit by Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear was his sixth to date seeking to hold corporations like drug manufacturers and distributors responsible for their roles in the drug abuse crisis.

The lawsuit, filed in state circuit court in Boone County, said Walgreens filled massive opioid orders in both unusually large sizes and great frequencies. In its role as a distributor that shipped drugs, the company failed to report suspicious orders to authorities.

There is a bigger story behind this lawsuit. Citizens United made corporations, people, on the basis that money is speech.

When money is speech, money becomes the only speech.

We must take back our ability to hold corporations accountable. It’s time for We The People, in the form of our government, re-balance the scales so that corporations are held accountable for things that harm Americans. Hello, gun manufacturers.


USA News


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