Kim Jong-un attends pop concert to celebrate launch of North Korea’s first intercontinental ballistic missile


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has attended a pop concert to celebrate the successful launch of his country’s first intercontinental ballistic missile.

Footage broadcast on North Korean television on Monday showed the crowd repeatedly cheering and applauding for Kim, who was given a standing ovation and flowers as he entered the arena.

The concert, played before a packed crowd with many in uniform, was led by the all-female Moranbong Band, and also featured dancing.

It was latest in a string of events to mark the 4 July launch of the Hwasong-14 missile, which is believed to be capable of reaching most of Alaska and possibly further.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the missile a “new threat to the world”.

Last week’s missile launch was part of a series of test-firings in recent months as the North works to build a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the United States.

The country’s Academy of Defence Science said the test marked the “final step” in creating a “confident and powerful nuclear state that can strike anywhere on Earth”.

North Korean state television claimed the missile – launched under the supervision of Kim Jong-un – reached an altitude of 1,741 miles (2,802km) and hit its target precisely after flying for 39 minutes.


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