Kim Jong Un Impersonator Gets Led Away By Angry North Koreans


A Kim Jong Un impersonator starts dancing in front of the famous North Korean cheerleaders. It didn’t end well. Video by Vincent Bevins of the Washington Post.

Source: Punch

A Kim Jong Un lookalike who has been making mischief at the Pyeongchang Olympics danced in front of North Korea’s female cheerleading team before being nabbed and hauled off by police on Wednesday.

The Kim impersonator, wearing thick-rimmed glasses and dressed in all black, sparked anger when he waved at the famed “army of beauties” at an ice hockey game between the joint Korea team and Japan.

Many of the cheerleaders giggled nervously and waved back, but when the fake Kim broke into an impromptu jig all hell broke loose.

Within seconds, he was tackled by three burly security officials, thought to be North Korean, before being frog-marched by police to a room inside the arena, watched by stunned onlookers.

And if you’re not aware of who the North Korean cheerleaders are, or why they’re there at the Olympics, here’s a brief video explanation.


USA News


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