Lawrence O’Donnell Visits Stephen Colbert


Lawrence O’Donnell appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday. He was promoting the re-issue in paperback of his book “Deadly Force,” which discusses his father’s law practice and how he helped a black woman gain justice when her husband was needlessly killed by a Boston police officer.

O’Donnell told Stephen Colbert that something was very wrong in American politics when the first ten minutes of Colbert’s “entertainment comedy show” and Lawrence’s hard news show could be swapped and both would fit within the context of the crazy Peter Strzok hearing.

Stephen thought swapping was a great idea. “You could start drinking early!” he quipped to the MSNBC host.

O’Donnell then compared his days prepping hearing agendas for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York. Never would a member of Congress interrupt another or yell over them back then, said O’Donnell.


USA News


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