Leeds United have unveiled a new badge to celebrate their upcoming centenary in 2019 but it has not gone down well with the club’s supporters.

Fans of the Championship club were left aghast by the new design which took six months of work and 10,000 people were consulted about it.

It depicts a man in a Leeds United shirt with his arm across his chest and, ironically, using his fist to block out where the badge would appear.

Leeds said: “The new crest depicts the ‘Leeds Salute’, which over the decades has been an expression of the passion that connects Leeds United’s fans and players on and off the pitch and all over the world.”

The white rose, symbolic of Yorkshire, is also absent from the new emblem which the club say is “ready for the next 100 years”.

Sadly, the extensive work did not impress fans. One wrote in response on Twitter: “It’s atrocious. All that ‘research’ and that’s the best you can come up with?! It looks like something from Pro Evolution Soccer in the early 2000s. Awful!!”

The club said of the new badge: “We wanted to say who we are with pride: We are Leeds United.

“We are now delighted and proud to reveal a new crest that represents the passion and the unique identity that runs deep through the Club.”

Unfortunately, the supporters were not in agreement with this statement. One tweeter said: “Oh my god that is horrible, yet another reason for us to be mocked by other clubs [sic] fans.”

Leeds United’s managing director Angus Kinnear said: “Updating the crest is not a decision we have taken lightly, but we are proud to have a new crestthat is authentic to Leeds United and honours the quality and loyalty of our fans. It is a symbol of ‘strength in unity’ and a proud expression of the club’s identity and history.”



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