Let’s recognize the fight for economic and racial justice for black workers beyond Labor Day


These facts and figures demonstrate the incredible need for economic and social justice for black workers. The National Black Worker Center Project is an organization dedicated to building the collective power of black workers. Not only is it focused on addressing the unemployment crisis among the black community, but it is also taking on the challenge of low-wage work. Here’s how they describe their work:

The National Black Worker Center Project (NBWCP) is a national network of Black worker centers. We empower Black workers to advance their rights and improve the quality of jobs in key employment sectors. The NBWCP provides education about the impacts of low-wage work and unemployment on Black communities.

Specifically, the organization convenes staff and members of black worker centers around the country to help them learn from one another, organize, and develop new skills. They also provide technical assistance to aid in the organizational development of affiliates and black worker centers. 

The NBWCP has a national campaign called the Working While Black initiative. It is described as “lifting up the accomplishments, challenges, and the realities of Black work.” Currently there are four stories available in the Working While Black video series. Below is the first video, which features workers from OneDC, the Baltimore Black Worker Center, and the AFL-CIO.

You can access the rest of the stories by clicking here. And if you wish to donate, you can do so online through their donation page.

Happy Labor Day! 


USA News


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