Lula's 'Caravan of Hope' Arrives in the Brazilian State of Ceara


On the latest stage of his regional tour, Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s ‘Caravan of Hope’ has been visiting Quixere, in the northeastern state of Ceara – the seventh on his itinerary.

Lula Draws Biggest Crowd Yet and Blasts ‘Sellout’ Temer Government

Lula’s bus rolled into town on the eve of the first anniversary of his predecessor Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment.

The Senate replaced Rousseff with Brazil’s current President Michel Temer in August last year.

Alluding to what many observers allege to have been a constitutional coup, Lula said, “we cannot accept what’s going on Brazil,” adding that “we are concerned that there’s been a setback in the quality of life that the people have achieved in recent years,” according to Brasil 24/7.

Lula has been addressing large crowds on his tour – some 30,000 people turned out to see him in the city of Mossoro earlier this week.

Waiting to greet the former president in Ceara’s 104 degree heat were Helia Melo and Maria Rita Xavier, two primary school teachers, according to Rede Brasil Atual.

“The poor were protagonists and had a voice with him (Lula),” said Melo. She stressed that everything improved during Lula’s presidency, including “education, healthcare” and the implementation of family grants.

Rita Xavier said, “we’re here to reciprocate what he did for the northeast and all Brazilians, for the middle class, poor class.” 

The ‘Caravan of Hope’ then moved on once more, to the cities of Juazeiro do Norte and Solenopole, where he was welcomed by more large crowds.


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