Lula's Defense Team Files Against Moro for Impartial Ruling


Ex-Brazilian President Lula da Silva’s defense is filing a “habeas corpus” in a fight for freedom, arguing that the judicial decision to imprison him for 12 years was not impartial.


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Judge Sergio Moro "showed clear bias and political motivation" in the criminal proceedings against Lula considering his rush to accept the prestigious position of Minister of Justice and Public Security minister from newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro, the team of attorneys said Monday.

Moro had “the existence of extrajudicial interests" during a highly controversial and tense presidential race and was in close contact with Bolsonaro during the trial against Lula, the lawyers alleged.

Judge Moro official announced his departure from the Lava Jato process Monday in order to accept the new opportunity.

For these reasons, Lula’s defense team surmised in its petition that the whole case, which is built on dubious allegations of corruption and money laundering, could be nullified.

Moro oversaw the so-called "Operation Car Wash" probe that convicted former progressive president Lula for bribery and money laundering, blocking him from running against Jair Bolsonaro earlier this year, when he led opinion polls.

According to a Reuters report, Moro flew to Bolsonaro’s beachside Rio de Janeiro home on Thursday, where he met with Brazil’s next president for about an hour before both announced the decision.


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