Maduro Denounces Assassination Attempt Ordered by White House


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the U.S. government of having ordered his assassination through Colombia.


Ex-FARC Leader Bashes Colombia’s Meddling in Venezuelan Affairs

“Against any attempt of the oligarchy, the coup sector or imperialism to disturb democratic life, stability and peace in the country, the working class must go to the street and fight,” said Maduro.

During the closing ceremony of the Working Class Constituent Congress, the president said that the White House instructed the oligarchy in Bogota to “kill Maduro.”

“We won’t be stopped with threats or coup plans, we know where we’re going and we’re optimistic of the future of Venezuela.”

Maduro survived an assassination attempt last August 4, in which drones equipped with explosives approached him but detonated before reaching their target. Authorities arrested both the material and intellectually responsible opposition members.

The president spoke about different national issues regarding the country economics and its transportation system. 

He announced the Working Class Homeland Plan 2025, which emerged from debates at the Constituent Congress, which will aim to transform the productive model of the country, the military defense of the revolution and build a strong political organization.

He also said the government is working to turn the transportation system at the service of the people, not to serve itself.

"Let’s establish a communal system of public transportation, let’s get to work on that topic to transform it and put it in the hands of the communes and the real workers."

The Bolivarian leader also regretted the policies of Argentine president Mauricio Macri, which have “destroyed its economic sovereignty.”

“I feel pain seeing how the Argentine people have been delivered to the International Monetary Fund.”

President Macri recently asked the financial institution for loans to combat devaluation in Argentina.


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