Malaysia condemns attacks against Myanmar security forces in Rakhine State


PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has strongly condemned the attacks against Myanmar security forces in northern Rakhine State on Aug 25.

In a statement on Wednesday (Aug 30), Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is deeply concerned with developments which have resulted in the loss of innocent lives and the displacement of people.

“We call on all parties involved in the recent violence to refrain from taking any action that would aggravate the situation further.

“We urge the Government of Myanmar to handle the situation in a fair and just manner, according to the international principles on the protection of human rights which are also enshrined in the ASEAN Charter and the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration.

“It is Malaysia’s firm belief that measures taken following the attacks should not target civilians and should not result in another humanitarian crisis, such as the one which began in October 2016.

“At the same time, it is critical that unimpeded humanitarian access be given to those affected by the recent clashes.”

The Ministry also referred to the Resolutions adopted by the Extraordinary Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers on the Situation of the Rohingya Muslims Minority in Myanmar on Jan 19, which expressed concern over acts of violence and serious human rights violations and abuses towards the Rohingya Muslims Minority.

It also welcomed the release of the final report by the Advisory Commission on the Rakhine State, particularly on the issue of human rights and citizenship, and Myanmar’s commitment to implement the report’s recommendations.

Malaysia said it looks forward to working together with other countries in extending their support and assistance to Myanmar as it addresses the complex challenges in the Rakhine State. 


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