Malaysia general election: Voter turnout at 69% by 3pm


KUALA LUMPUR: Large crowds turned out early at polling stations across Malaysia with voter turnout hitting 69 per cent by 3pm, according to the Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday (May 9).

As of 1pm, the percentage of voters who came out to vote was 55 per cent, EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah had told reporters earlier. This is slightly lower than the 59 per cent recorded at 1pm in 2013.

Some voters have complained that there were no official EC stamp on their ballot paper and were worried that their votes will be rejected. 

EC however assured voters that their ballot papers would still be accepted as long as the papers were officially issued.

“Voters need not worry as long as the returning officer is satisfied that the ballot paper was legally issued and it is a case of a mistake by the officer at the polling stream, therefore, the returning officer cannot reject the ballot paper,” said Hashim Abdullah.

Addressing reports of overseas postal voters receiving their ballot papers or none at all, Mohd Hashim said the EC will investigate the matter.


Asia News


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