Marine experts have been left puzzled after a teenager who went for a swim at an Australian beach came out with his feet covered in blood.

Sam Kanizay had gone paddling in the sea in Melbourne to soak his legs but when he emerged he found his feet and ankles covered in hundreds of pin holes and bleeding profusely.

The 16-year-old was taken to hospital by his parents but medical staff couldn’t work out what type of creature would have caused his injuries.

Sam’s father Jarrod decided to return to the beach the following night armed with a pool net full of meat and managed to captured dozens of tiny bug-like creatures.

The incident has sparked a number of different opinions across the marine industry as to what could have caused the bites – with one expert believing the small bugs could be jellyfish larvae.

Dr Ian Horsfall – who’s a marine biologist at Swansea University – believes they could be a crustacean called amphipods and says an incident like Sam’s is very rare.

I would say this is probably a very chance incident.

He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You would be very unlucky for it to happen to you.
He must have just come across a very dense swarm of them.

– Dr Ian Horsfall, Marine Biologist at Swansea University

And while some experts have been left scratching their heads, Sam has one bit of advice for other beach goers.

“Maybe don’t go icing your feet there any time soon, till they figure out what it was,” he said.



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