Meet the 78-year-old man who walks over two miles daily in support of Dreamers and their families


“Al has inspired many people involved in this movement,” said Arturo Iriarte of the Archdiocese of Hartford. “He doesn’t speak Spanish, and he isn’t Hispanic, but it’s clear this is important to him.” Dornan has gone beyond walking too, speaking “to both U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy about trying to revive a new bill in Congress.”

There also seems to be a bittersweet connection for Dornan that spurs his activism for young people. He and his wife Carmen “had one son, Aaron, who was 18 when he died in a car accident, 20 years ago this month, while returning from a youth leadership conference in New Hampshire.” Dornan told WPNR that “I feel that little—excuse the word, I won’t say it—little ‘b’—pushing me from behind every day, pushing me and saying, ‘Don’t you dare stop.’” 

He has no plans to. Dornan and advocates are planning a group walk on June 30 to continue showing public support for the DREAM Act now, to follow-up one held in April, which attracted about two dozen supporters. “Iriarte said they expect a lot more people to take part in this walk because Dornan and his quest are more well-known now.”

“I’ll continue to walk indefinitely for the passing of a Dream Act,” Dornan said. “And I have met many, many Dreamers now. I’m really glad to feel more a part, more a fellow walker with the Dreamers and all undocumented immigrants.”


USA News


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