Memo To Blake Farenthold: Hey Ducky Boy, Pay The Hell Up!


Texas Republican Congresscreep Blake Farenthold said he would repay the $84,000 he owes us that he spent paying off a victim of his haute couture artisan creepiness.

He said he would and everybody heard it.

Now he looking for a way to cha-cha out of it. He claims to be waiting for some proposed ethics bill to pass congress. The bill has nothing to do with his theft of our money or his promise to repay it. He’s just being creepy.

I do not for the life of me understand why he’s still in congress and Al Franken isn’t. Farenthold has been accused of far, far worse.

You can hound him in the comment sections of his Facebook page. Snark at him on Twitter. Call his office on Corpus at 361-884-2222. You want your money back.

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