Mexico's Indigenous Presidential Candidate Injured in Car Crash


Mexico’s Indigenous presidential hopeful Maria de Jesus "Marichu" Patricio is recovering from injuries suffered Tuesday after being involved in a car accident in Malege, social networks are reporting.


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The independent candidate was traveling by bus down a busy highway when the driver became distracted and the vehicle suddenly overturned on Federal Highway 1, between San Ignacio and Vizcaino.

The bus was filled with members of the Indigenous Government Council on their way to a movement in Baja California Sur. One of the 11 passengers was killed; the other ten were rushed to nearby clinics for medical care.

"Our spokesperson Marichuy and Councilor Lucero Islava have suffered injuries," the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) said on its Facebook page without giving further details about the accident or the candidate’s condition.

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Patricio’s running mate Jose Antonio Meade posted on Twitter: "I feel horrible for Maria de Jesus, who suffered a car accident. My prayers are with her and her team. We are here."

Marichuy was confirmed as a presidential candidate on May 28, 2017 during the National Indigenous Congress. Since then, she has been touring the country along with the Indigenous Council for Government in a bid to get the necessary signatures to enroll her candidacy.

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) recognizes the tour as an opportunity to deepen ties with grassroots organizations. 

The EZLN has also reiterated its support for Patricio, who is "not looking for power or a position, but whose work is to carry the message of the need to organize for life."

The statement also made a call for unity between the countryside and cities among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. 


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