More Singapore and Malaysia employees need professional career advice compared to rest of the world: Study, Business Insider


How do people like Jack Ma and Sheryl Sandberg make success look so easy?

Trust us, it may look easy, but reality is often very different from what you see in the media.

In fact, according to the latest report by HR services firm Randstad, nearly half of the world’s employees say they need professional advice when it comes to planning their career.

Professional career advice is greatly sought in Singapore and Malaysia, where the proportion of employees wanting help was way above the global average.

In Singapore, 83% of employees were found wanting career advice. This is 37% higher than the global average of 46%.

Over in Malaysia, 72% of the country’s employees indicated that they needed career advice from a professional.

In both countries, males and younger employees were more likely to reach out to specialists for career advice.

Hong Kong employees also registered an above-average interest in seeking career advice, but at 58%, had a much lower number compared to Singapore and Malaysia. Here, younger employees were found to be more likely to seek a specialist for advice.


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