Mother of Manchester victim Olivia Campbell sends message of strength to London


The family of one of the young victims of the Manchester Arena bombing have said that watching the London attacks has forced them to relive the agony again.

Charlotte Campbell, whose 15-year-old daughter Olivia was one of those killed in Manchester, laid flowers to the dead and injured in the London Bridge attacks.

She said that the latest terror attack had added to their pain but sent a message of solidarity and strength to all those whose friends or family were among the victims.

Olivia was remembered onstage by singer Ariana Grande as she returned to Manchester to pay an emotional tribute concert in aid of the families of those affected by the bombing.

She announced that she had met Mrs Campbell to give her respects.

“She said you should stop crying, because Olivia wouldn’t have wanted me to cry,” the singer said.

“And then she told me that Olivia would have wanted to hear the hits.”

Mrs Campbell said it had been “heartbreaking” but proud moment.

As she reflected today on what others had lost, she and her partner left a message to all those affected saying “stand strong, stand together”.


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