MPs reject Boris Johnson’s call for an early general election


MPs have rejected Boris Johnson third attempt for an early general election on December 12.

The government failed to force a snap general election on December 12, as MPs voted 299 to 70 in favour of the motion – short of the required two-thirds Commons majority.

It means the government might try again tomorrow for a snap election by tabling a plan “almost identical” to one supported by both the Liberal Democrats and the SNP.

That plan, for a general election on December 9, could also gain support from Labour after Jeremy Corbyn vowed to “consider carefully” any legislation which “locks in” the date of a general election.

And that proposal, if made on a one-line Bill, would only require a simple majority of MPs to back it, not a “super majority” of two-thirds of MPs, as required under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (FTPA) to pass Monday’s vote.

If that plan fails, the prime minister has few options remaining that would allow for him to call an early election, but one is a vote of no confidence in himself.

The problem with this route is that under the FTPA the opposition is given 14 days to form an alternative government before an election is called.


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