Muslim communities condemn London terror attack


Muslim communities across the country have condemned the terror attacks in London and Manchester.

In Leeds, one mosque leader who, along with 130 other imams, has refused to say funeral prayers for the London attackers, told ITV News that it was important to tackle the root cause of extremism.

“We have a wider role to play in tackling extremism,” Qasir Asam said.

“That’s obviously firstly being vigilant and reporting whenever we see an indication of extremism, but at the same time I think we need to dig a bit deeper … and tackle those root causes to ensure that not one more life is lost on our soil.”

That sentiment is shared elsewhere – moderate Muslims are agreed enough is enough, but they want everyone to play their part.

A common complaint is that British foreign policy must share some of the blame, both in terms of the conflicts Britain is involved in, but also the allies it chooses abroad.

“If we want to bring an end to terrorist activities around the world we need to stop trading with, and we need to stop partnering with, institutions and countries – whole countries – that are importing a hatred spewing ideology,”
Mohammad Mozaffari, chairman of the Leeds Muslim Youth Group, told ITV News.

“In so doing the funding and the ideology will dry up and young people will seek to find their voice again among moderate individuals.”


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