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A mother from Devon has found used needles on a nappy changing table in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Jade Krotke was about to use the table when she found three used syringes on the surface of the pull down table at the Plymouth city centre branch.

The 25-year-old says she has ‘no words’ for the person who left the needles there – despite there being a sanitary bin in the facility.

Miss Krotke, from Yelverton, was at the restaurant with family and friends when she and her husband went to change their eight-month-old baby girl.

While my husband was lifting her out of the pram, I pulled the unit down and heard the clang of a metal dish. I was immediately in shock and suddenly realised the packaging was needles.

I’m not judging them for their habit but please don’t put others at risk.

You could have put them in the bin or even attempted to flush them.

– Jade Krotke, found the needles

In a statement, McDonalds said it was “sorry for this customer’s experience” adding that “hygiene and safety” was of “paramount importance” and the baby changing facility was locked and checked frequently.

It said that once the restaurant manager became aware of the issue the “items were disposed of safely”.


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