Nicaragua University Students 'Ready to Dialogue with Gov't'


The National Coalition of Nicaraguan University Students is ready to cooperate with the Sandinista government in a united push for peace, the group has announced, following the recent protests prompted by proposed social reforms.

Nicaragua Creates Truth,
Justice and Peace Commission

Elected representatives have presented their demands to state officials, calling for justice and the "opening of a broad and deep process of national democratization." The delegation of students also requested the rule of law be reinstated.

Five students will be participating in the government dialogue "to defend the demands of the Nicaraguan brothers." Their names will be withheld until the date for the talks has been set.

Since the government proposed changes to social security and state medical benefits last month, violent protests have consumed the nation.

On April 16, the government amended its proposals, stating it would implement a 0.75 percent increase in monthly contributions by workers to the state social security system, and a 3.5 percent increase in employer’s contributions by January 2019.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) should be present for over 36 hours to ensure the state forms a just and reliable truth commission, the students said.

They have rejected the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace which was ratified and sworn in by the National Assembly on Sunday to investigate the litany of crimes and murders committed during the protests.

Students said the Truth Commission lacked "all the legitimacy and support of Nicaraguan society."

Finally, the delegation has demanded the immediate end of the "illegitimate and arbitrary trials" connected with the murder of journalist Angel Gahona.

The students first showed their interest in dialogue on April 26, agreeing to end protests on the condition that students and civilians be guaranteed safety and officials put an end to the political prosecution of prisoners. At least 11 people died during the protests.


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