Nissin is marketing Singapore Laksa and Black Pepper Crab noodles as sexy anime men in seductive poses, Business Insider


The three ambassadors for the ethnic instant noodle flavours are sure to get anime fans swooning.
Nissin Youtube channel

The Singapore Laksa, Black Pepper Crab and Tom Yam instant noodle flavours from Nissin just got a pretty face lift – literally.

The flavours have been anthropomorphised into stunning anime men as part of an ad for Nissin’s “ethnic” series of noodles.

Anthropomorphism is a common marketing tactic used in Japan, and is done by attributing human traits to products in the form of attractive anime characters, reports Japanese news website Soranews24.

The ad, set in a fictional host club in Japan called ‘Club Es’, features the three anime hosts performing borderline inappropriate acts with the ingredients they represent, occasionally flashing their chiselled anime torsos at the audience.

One picture even depicts the three men posing half-naked, with nothing but towels casually draped around their hips.

Lak (pronounced ‘raku’), the host portraying laksa, is a tall blonde with elegant features. He is also supposedly a sensitive Virgo who enjoys repairing electrical appliances, based on a description on the official campaign website.

To bring out the chicken flavour of the laksa, a pet rooster is perched on his shoulder.
Nissin Youtube channel

He dons a laksa-splattered suit lined with taupok (fried beancurd) fur, as well as a coriander pendant and a coconut belt, both of which are key ingredients in the Singaporean dish. Coincidentally, he also bought his well-polished loafers on a trip to Singapore.

Lak getting cosy with his beloved laksa cup noodles in bed.
Nissin Youtube channel

Lak is seen topless in bed, gazing longingly at a cup of Laksa-flavoured Nissin noodles, and at one point, also swiftly chopping a coconut in half with his bare hands.

Don’t expect anything less bizarre from the other two guys.

Tomya, the blue-haired hunk symobolic of the Tomyam flavour made a charming appearance with a coriander bouquet.

Bet you’ve never tried this – kissing a prawn while doing push-ups.
Nissin Youtube channel

In one scene, he can be seen reclining in a bath full of coriander water, but it became overkill when he repeatedly kissed a prawn while doing push-ups.

Blape, the brooding bad boy of the group appears more mellow, and his screentime  showcases an intimate relationship with crabs.

In this scene, Blape appears to be trying to season a crab that is clinging onto his ear, while trying not to get any pepper in his eyes.
Nissin Youtube channel

And the effort to charm doesn’t end there.

The Japanese company is also holding a Twitter contest as part of its campaign, with 100 “bouquets” of cup noodles to be won.

What can we say? Cup noodles have never been this sexy.


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