NHS workers are no stranger to selflessness and sacrifice, but in these unprecedented times they find themselves extending those attributes into their personal lives.

Jennifer Armstrong, a surgical care nurse at Colchester Hospital, has been drafted in to help in A&E, which means she is on the frontline helping to battle Covid-19.

Speaking to ITV News, she told of how she hasn’t been able to hug her seven-year-old son for three weeks. Instead of staying with her, he is living with grandparents for the foreseeable future.

“Having your child there and everything seems normal; now everything seems quite empty. The first night he went was really, really tough. I get to Facetime him every night – we’ve done a few exercise videos through the window.

“He loves to draw me a nice pick-me-up picture.”

She continued: “I have been exposed, I have cared directly for Covid positive patients. Some of the staff in the other high risk areas, what they’re seeing and going through, the levels of exposure is just horrific and something that they don’t moan about.

“They just come in because it’s what they came into the healthcare profession to do.

“I’m naturally quite a positive person anyway, I think there’s a lot of junior staff who are relying on us to keep focused, positive and motivated.

“I work with a really good bunch and we are all pretty good at teamwork and supporting each other – so I have been really fortunate.”



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