OAS Confirms Mission to Observe Paraguay's April Elections


The Organization of American States (OAS) will send a team of observers to monitor Paraguay‘s presidential elections on April 22, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro has announced.


Paraguay Center-Left Coalition Takes Lead in New Poll

"The objective of any electoral observation mission is to contribute to the strengthening of the electoral processes in the continent, promoting integrity, impartiality, transparency, and reliability," Almagro said Friday.

The OAS secretary general met with Elisa Ruiz Diaz, Paraguay’s ambassador to the OAS, in Washington, D.C. to sign a mutual agreement allowing the mission to enter the country.

"The Paraguayan people are returning to the polls: it is our seventh general election after the beginning of this democratic process, the OAS was present in all of them and luckily it will be again," said Ruiz.

Almagro vowed to contribute to "strengthening the electoral processes" by promoting integrity, impartiality, transparency and trust.

At least 4.2 million voters are expected to participate in the elections, which will determine not only the new state administrator and vice president, but also 45 senators, 80 deputies, 17 governors and 16 parliamentary members for Parlasur (South American Common Market Parliament).

The president is scheduled to enter office on August 15 to being the first year of a five-year term.


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