Officer fired after stopping black customers in viral video clip


A local law enforcement official from Indianapolis was fired from his job recently after footage went viral showing him stopping a pair of black patrons outside a local store for looking “suspicious.” 

In footage captured by Aaron Joseph, who was shopping at a local Nordstrom Rack store with his cousin, the two could be seen driving outside the store when they were stopped by Lawrence Township Constable Daryl Jones, according to NBC affiliate WTHR.

“Get your driver’s license out,” Jones can be heard saying.

“For what?” one of the men asked.

“Because I told you to,” Jones said.

The driver can later be heard telling Jones, “I don’t mind showing you my driver’s license, but what is your reason that you’re asking?”

“Because you’re acting suspicious,” Jones responded.

After the men asked Jones to explain what they were doing wrong, Jones told them, “I’m doing an investigation.” 

“What are you investigating?” the driver asked.

“Nothing. Get your driver’s license out,” Jones responded. 

At one point during the heated exchange, Jones also said, “I got my rights to do anything I want to do. I’m a police officer.” 

Minutes later, after Jones called for backup on his radio, a police officer appeared at the scene.

The officer, who WTHR reported works for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), can be seen asking Jones if the men committed a crime before talking to him off camera. 

Shortly thereafter, the officer told the men they were “good to go.”

According to WTHR, Jones was fired from his post less than two hours after video of the exchange was seen by Lawrence Township Chief Constable Terry Burns.

However, Joseph told the local station that “just because a real police officer showed up and realized we did nothing wrong and sent us on our way doesn’t vindicate how we were treated.”

“I feel like the IMPD officer should have at least given us a way to file a complaint or some kind of victims card. He did make suggestions, but we still have been violated and did nothing wrong,” he added.

He is reportedly considering taking legal action after the incident.


USA News


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