Oklahoma Gov Mary Fallin Blames ‘Antifa’ For Teachers’ Strike


Be aware that the teachers’ walkout in Oklahoma isn’t just about school funding. It’s about a Republican legislature that has lost all of the trust of average people in the state.

Republicans require a 3/4 supermajority in both houses to pass one tax on oil production.

Republicans pretend to fund education and then pass tax cuts for people with plenty:

This year, lawmakers extended a tax break for horizontal drilling that cost 3.6 times more than the lottery collects for education. The year before, they approved income tax cuts projected to cost 3.4 times more than the lottery brings in. The lottery grows state revenue by inches, while lawmakers have been pruning off yards.

And they have a phenomenally stupid figurehead governor who, like President Stupid, gets her “analysis” from Fox News.

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Mary Fallin didn’t call the striking teachers “paid by Soros protestors.” She did blame ANTIFA though.

Taxing the oil companies is the elephant in the room. And we know which party is owned by the wealthy petrochemical conglomerates. There is no trust in the legislature in Oklahoma.


USA News


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