The Prime Minister is set to launch the Conservative Party’s much-anticipated General Election manifesto as he heads to the West Midlands on Sunday.

Here is what to expect on the campaign trail:


Boris Johnson will be unveiling the party’s blueprint for government on his trip to the West Midlands.

Brexit is expected to feature heavily in the document, while the party has already vowed to increase the NHS budget by £33.9 billion by 2023-24, increase state-school spending and raise the threshold at which workers start paying National Insurance contributions.

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Commitments on social care and housing will also feature.


The Labour Party has already launched its manifesto, and leader Jeremy Corbyn will be looking for a positive reaction to his plans as he goes out and about on Sunday.

Mr Corbyn is expected to be campaigning in the South East.

It comes after he was criticised by other parties for his decision to remain “neutral” in a proposed public vote on a new Brexit deal which the party intends to negotiate with Brussels.


Nigel Farage will remain in the North East on Sunday, after visiting Hartlepool on Saturday.

The Brexit Party leader spoke to market stallholders and joined canvassers knocking on doors as he revealed he believed patriotic voters in places like Hartlepool would vote for his party because of their view of Mr Corbyn.

Meanwhile, the SNP’s Derek Mackay will be in Glasgow as he joins candidate for East Dunbartonshire Amy Callaghan on the campaign trail.



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