One man killed in Japan bullet train attack


TOKYO: One man was killed and two others injured by an assailant with a bladed weapon on Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train on Saturday night, police said.

Police arrested the suspect as the train stopped at Odawara Station, south of Tokyo. The train was bound for the western city of Osaka.

Media reports said the suspect, a 22-year-old unemployed man, told police that he had acted out of frustration and that he did not know his victims. Some reports described the weapon as a hatchet, but police would not verify details.

Japan’s Shinkansen trains are known for their speed and safety. But in 2015, a passenger set himself on fire on one of the trains, killing himself and another passenger – an incident that prompted the installation of cameras in train carriages.

(Reporting by Ritsuko Ando; Editing by Michael Perry)


Asia News


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