Our nation is permanently fractured


I’ve come to the realization of late that America may be irrevocably broken. Fractured. Split down the middle. It seems that some see things one way, and others see it in a completely opposite, parallax view, as if we’re all living in a full-time 3-D Rorschach test, where reality is fungible. Everything is open to interpretation, opinion, conjecture, speculation, argumentation. Nothing simply exists. Nothing is a simple fact.

Of course it isn’t an accident that this is the case. The situation isn’t new. It’s been deliberately manufactured, exacerbated and exploited for many generations, by many factions all for their own self-aggrandizing purposes. I’m just finally realizing that our American Humpty Dumpty is so broken, there’s no piecing it back together again.

I started doing current events and blog post online in the ‘90s, largely because I was puzzled by the virulent backlash at the time to the presidency of Bill Clinton which was led by Newt Gingrich who was the new architect for the “go negative” strategy that ultimately propelled the GOP to take over the House for the first time in 40 years and made him speaker.

Newt Gingrich described his first congressional opponent as corrupt and incompetent. His next one, according to Gingrich, supported welfare cheaters.

After being elected to Congress from Georgia in 1978, his target became the liberal welfare state. He called the Democratic leadership destructive and thugs, dubbed his opponents’ positions radical and said some Democrats were willing to kill jobs to help win an election.


Most of the italicized words appear in a 1990 training memo teaching Republican candidates how to “speak like Newt.” Newtspeak lives today — it issues regularly from Gingrich’s lectern at the GOP presidential debates — and if it’s effective now, it was downright revolutionary when Gingrich and others pioneered it in the 1980s. Many credit Gingrich — or blame him — for transforming American politics with words.

“The things that came out of Gingrich’s mouth … we had never heard that before from either side,” said Steve Anthony, a Georgia State University lecturer who once headed the state Democratic Party. “Gingrich went so far over the top that the shock factor rendered the opposition frozen for a few years.”


USA News


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