Parkland students start movement asking parents to sign contract to put children’s safety over guns with vote


Two students who survived the Florida school shooting have started a movement asking parents to sign a contract pledging they will vote for lawmakers who put children’s safety over guns.

The students, Adam Buchwald and Zach Hibshman, started the movement called “Parent’s Promise to Kids.”

The movement’s website says its goal is to get parents to vote for legislators who “believe that the safety of our children is much more important than the right to own guns.”

The website features three contracts: Parent’s Promise Contract, Grandparent’s Promise Contract and General Promise Contract.

The contract says the person signing promises to “vote for legislative leaders who support our children’s safety over guns!”

Participants who sign the contract are urged to take a picture while holding up the contract and to post it on social media using the hashtags: “#ParentsPromiseToKids”, “#PPTK” and “#SafetyOverGuns.” The website also asks people to tag the organization’s social media accounts to continue to spread the movement.


According to the website, more than 1,000 people have so far downloaded the contract.

“We were just thinking of ways we could cause change,” Hibshman told CNN. “And we came upon the world ‘promise.'”

He said the issue isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. 

“We’re not trying to attack people,” he said. “We are in favor of commonsense gun laws, and think children’s safety being put over guns isn’t an issue for one side or another.”


Hibshman added that in the time after tragedies happen, the focus often dies down and then eventually fades away.


“But Adam and I, and I think I can speak for the rest of the MSD [Marjory Stoneman Douglas] students, we are not going to let this go,” he said.


Students who survived the Florida school shooting have become vocal advocates for gun control since a gunman opened fire at their high school last month, killing 17 people.


Students are demanding that lawmakers pass new gun laws to protect their schools. They have also planned a march later this month in Washington, D.C., to protest against gun violence.


USA News


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