Peru: President Vizcarra Annouces Judicial System 'Revolution'


A commission of ‘honorable experts’ is poised to revolutionize Peru’s judicial system in an effort to eradicate corruption, President Martin Vizcarra announced Wednesday.


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"There is no time to waste and we are acting quickly and seriously to generate the changes that Peru demands," the president said in a meeting at the governmental palace. 

"As head of state, I fully assume my responsibility to lead the urgent political reform, comprehensive reform of the state and the justice system in Peru."

Members of the special commission will select experts for their professional and personal ethics in their field and aim to create an effective, timely, efficient, transparent and incorruptible judicial system.

"We are going to do the best for the country, no matter who falls, no matter what the cost and where you are. I have faith that we will change the country," said Vizcarra, accompanied by President of the Council of Ministers Cesar Villanueva, and Minister of Justice Salvador Heresi.

The announcement comes days after Vizcarra requested the dismissal of three parliamentary members after 10 audio recordings surfaced, showing instances of illicit negotiations with magistrates. Proceedings to remove the judge and two ministers began Tuesday.

"The judicial system must not and cannot be an instrument in the service of obscure powers, but it must be provided with basic conditions for equal access of all citizens to it," Vizcarra said. 

"There is no legal security without a good justice system and without this requirement there is no institutional stability, no investments, no economic and social development.

"There is no development with corruption, no political party, no member of the judicial administration, no Peruvian of goodwill could oppose a fundamental reform of the state and justice."

Vizcarra, former first vice-president, was sworn in this March following the resignation of his predecessor, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, over corruption accusations connected to Brazil-based construction giant Odebrecht. 



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