After more than 50 days of a strike organized by the Unitary Union of Peruvian Education Workers, the group reached an agreement with the government on Thursday. 

Thousands of Teachers in Peru March on Lima as Strike Continues

Under the agreement, the government will raise the basic salary of teachers to US$617 by December 2017. The teachers agreed to resume activities in all schools across the country beginning August 7. Regional governments also promised to allocate 70 percent of their budgets to the education sector by 2018.

Peruvian teachers began the strike on June 15 to demand better working conditions and salaries while fighting proposed neoliberal education reforms. On July 21, the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency in six districts of the country where the teachers organized the strikes.

The state of emergency involved the suspension of constitutional rights of individual liberty, security, free travel and assembly for a duration of 30 days.

In recent days, there has been growing concern in the country over the strikes, as it exerted a strong impact on local traffic and students. Thus, the government was anxious to reach an agreement with the teachers. 

The meeting on Thursday was attended by the Minister of Education Marilu Martens, the president of the Council of Ministers, regional governors and teachers on strike. 



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