With stations marred by cases of alleged vandalism and reports of misbehaving commuters, Malaysian train operator RapidKL has turned to an unlikely figure to deal with the issue.

It comes in the form of a Raggedy Ann doll named Annabelle, the supposedly demented inspiration behind horror movie Anabelle in 2014 and its sequel Annabelle: Creation, due for release later this month.

On August 1, RapidKL uploaded two pictures on Facebook of the spooky doll, along with the hashtags #annabelleisnear, #citizenwithmannerswanted and #forabetterfuture.

The accompanying caption read: “Dear valued customers, lately we’ve been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle. Mind your manners while you’re on our trains or….she will haunt you FOREVER.”

Early Halloween prank or a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement (PSA)?

Regardless, it generated plenty of interest with the post receiving over 25,000 reactions and close to 10,000 shares.

Most commenters seemed to applaud the move.

Others were concerned the doll might just end up freaking people out.

But some were more concerned about following proper protocol.

“It is heartening (for us) to receive such feedback from the public and we believe this has generated so much awareness,” said a RapidKL spokesman in a quote carried by The New Straits Times.

According to The Star, RapidKL initiated a series of Facebook posts last week to highlight examples of poor etiquette among commuters when riding the trains.

“We hope that the public’s social etiquette will be improved, not only when using the public transportation but also when they use any public facilities,” added the spokesman.



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