The lowest number of driving direction queries was recorded on Mar 22, at just 29.8% of the baseline.
The Straits Times

People in Malaysia are driving a lot less these days, especially after the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented, Apple’s data has shown.

The tech giant has begun publishing its Mobility Trends Reports based on anonymised data collected on Apple Maps. Updated daily, the report is based on users’ requests for directions under “driving” and “walking” in Apple Maps.

Using data from Jan 13, 2020, as its baseline, Apple reported on Apr 13 a 50 per cent decline in driving direction requests from its Malaysia users, and a 61 per cent drop for walking directions.


When viewed in detail, Apple’s data also reveals that while there were recurring spikes in driving directions requested from the end of January to early March, the trend mostly moved downwards from mid-March before rising again slightly in April.

For instance, Apple Maps received more requests for driving directions on Mar 13, at 134 per cent of the baseline. This, however, fell steadily over the next few days and by Mar 18 – the day the MCO began – driving directions had fallen drastically to 53.6 per cent of the baseline.

The lowest number of driving direction queries was recorded on Mar 22, at just 29.8 per cent of the baseline.

Coincidentally, air quality in Malaysia also improved from Mar 21, The Star reported.

Malaysia is currently in its third phase of the MCO, which will last at least until April 28.

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