Live television can be a minefield. Teleprompters can drop out, so the words an anchor needs to say disappear in an instant. Guests can be unpredictable. If the crew is doing a remote, they have to be vigilant about people jumping into the frame and being vulgar, inappropriate, or God forbid, violent. Professionals learn to roll with the environment and power through, hopefully.

But how dead above the neck do you have to be to allow a stink bug to crawl all over your neck and chin without reacting? I don’t think there is a single viewer who would have been offended if he just brushed it off, right? Could he not feel it?

But also, what’s up with the floor crew and the production crew? Could they not have done a cut of some photo and then had a poor production intern brush the bug off of him? Do they all hate him as much as we do?



USA News


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