Shadowproof launched a show that will stream weekly on YouTube and cover whistleblowing, WikiLeaks, and related press freedom stories.

The show, “The Dissenter Weekly,” is hosted by Kevin Gosztola, the managing editor of Shadowproof. Brian Sonenstein, the publishing editor of Shadowproof, will also join future shows to help Kevin navigate through stories.

For the debut episode, the following topics were covered: an air traffic control whistleblower, lack of whistleblower protections for Hanford nuclear site workers, the backlash against SEC plans to change a reward program for whistleblowers, Sweden dropping the sexual allegations “investigation” into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the judge overseeeing the Westminster Magistrates Court where Assange’s extradition hearing is unfolding and her potential conflicts of interest, and suspicionless border searches declared unconstitutional by a federal court.

Next episode will air on Wednesday at 10 am ET because it is a holiday week in the United States. But after next week, it will air at 4 pm ET every Thursday.

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