State Department ordered by court to look once again for Hillary Clinton emails


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Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends: A U.S. District Court Judge has ruled that due to continued conservative insistence that surely there is a Benghazi conspiracy to be found here somewhere, despite never being found before, the State Department must go back and have yet another go-round looking for Hillary Clinton’s emails.

This time they’ll be searching the State Department email servers, as in all of them, for all employees, to see if there’s anything they missed.

Justice Department lawyers representing State argued that making them search other employees’ accounts for Clinton’s emails would set a bad precedent that would belabor other FOIA searches.

But Mehta said the circumstances surrounding Clinton’s email represented “a specific fact pattern unlikely to arise in the future.”

A central premise of Mehta’s ruling is that the State Department’s servers archived emails from Clinton’s top aides. However, it’s not clear that happened regularly or reliably.

It’s not clear that happened because the State Department had no structured system for archiving those emails, during Clinton’s time there; depending on just how the department’s system is configured, few if any such emails would remain, unless employees themselves had saved them.

So it’s not clear this effort will turn up any new emails that the State Department didn’t already turn over. But we’ll keep looking, because it’s very important to certain people that their conspiracy theories not wither on the vine just yet. Especially not when the current administration is raining scandals down on us on a near-daily basis.


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