Storm Harvey: Before and after satellite imagery shows full extent of flooding in Texas


Satellite imagery taken of the Texas landscape before and after storm Harvey brought heavy rainfall and flooding to the area has revealed the full extent of the devastation the storm has left behind.

The storm was still classed as a hurricane when it made landfall on the coast of Texas on Friday with winds in excess of 130 miles per hour tearing through the city of Houston and across the state to Louisiana.

Now more than five days after the storm hit and following almost a week of rain and flooding satellite imagery company DigitalGlobe have released shocking pictures of what the areas in the storm’s direct path looked like before and after the natural disaster.

Holiday Lakes, Texas, before the storm

Holiday Lakes, Texas, after the storm

Brookshire, Texas, before the storm

Brookshire, Texas, after the storm

Simonton, Texas, before the storm

Simonton, Texas, after the storm

Wharton, Texas, before the storm

Wharton, Texas, after the storm


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