Sunshine set to be replaced by showers over bank holiday weekend


British bank holidays are infamous for literally being wet weekends, and sadly the current good weather is set to worsen.

If the promise of sunshine and warm temperatures continuing seemed too good to be true, it’s because it is.

Weather forecasters are predicting that Friday (unluckily the day when most people are at work) will have the best weather, with temperatures dropping as the risk of rain and thunderstorms increases throughout the weekend.

MeteoGroup forecaster Sabrina Lee said while temperatures on Friday could hit 28C (82F) in parts of Scotland, Greater London, and Merseyside, western parts of the UK are likely to experience thundery showers on Saturday.

It’s not all bad news though, with temperatures expected to remain warm on Saturday, reaching highs of 27C (81F) in places.

While the Saturday showers are expected to be widespread in the morning, they are likely to be confined to Northern Ireland and Scotland by the afternoon.

Although Sunday is expected to be drier than Saturday, with rain moving into southern and central parts of the country, temperatures are set to dip further – although to a not too chilly 24C/25C (75-77F).

Ms Lee said that Monday was expected to be the coolest day of the weekend with highs of 21C (70F).

She continued that the recent weather had been caused by hot air coming up from Spain, but that it begins to break down over the next few days, causing the dip in temperatures.


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