Temperatures in Malaysia dip below 22 degrees Celsius due to monsoon


KUALA LUMPUR: The western part of Peninsula Malaysia experienced cooler weather than usual on Friday (Jan 12) due to the monsoon, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department. 

The Met Service said the current phenomenon was because of the north-east monsoon affecting the east coast of the peninsula, reported local media outlet The Star. 

“The rainy season in the area is pushing the north-eastern wind and the clouds to the west,” said the service, explaining the consistently lower temperatures and the reason there has been less sun. 

Klang Valley experienced the coldest weather in months, with temperatures dipping to 22 degrees Celsius.

According to the Met Service website, Petaling Jaya’s meteorological station observed a minimum temperature of 21.6 degree Celsius.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak also commented on the cold weather, comparing it to temperatures in Jeddah, where he was at recently for a five-day working visit. 

The cold spell is however expected to end on Sunday, said the Met Service. 

Malaysians on Twitters expressed delight at the cooler weather, with many saying it felt like winter. 

Neighbouring Singapore was also chillier than usual, with temperatures also dipping below 22 degree Celsius. The National Environment Agency on Wednesday warned of a monsoon surge that would bring more rain and wind to the country, which will persist over the next few days.



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