The engineer Google fired over the diversity memo has filed a complaint with the NLRB


Damore’s memo set off a wave of controversy within Google.
Thomson Reuters

James Damore, the Google engineer who was fired Monday for violating the company’s code of conduct because of an internal memo he wrote on diversity, has filed a complaint against his former employer with federal labor regulation officials.

It is unclear what the complaint says. The filing on the National Labor Relations Board website lists only Damore’s legal representation from the law firm Paul Hastings LLP.

The filing is not a complete surprise: Damore told Reuters and The New York Times on Monday night that he planned to file an NLRB complaint accusing Google’s management of trying to silence him.

Damore’s 10-page manifesto, which went viral over the weekend and stirred passions across the political spectrum, accused Google of alienating conservatives at the company and attributed Google’s lack of gender diversity to biological differences between men and women.

Damore did not respond to several emails requesting comment on Tuesday. Google has declined to comment on the situation beyond the memo CEO Sundar Pichai sent employees Monday night, in which he called some of Damore’s statements “not OK.” We’ve also reached out to Damore’s legal representatives for comment.

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