The life of George HW Bush and how he compares to Donald Trump


Rich East Coast WASPS who would both become President of the United States – that’s where the similarities between George H W Bush and Donald J Trump end.

Inevitably the passing of the former has meant the drawing of comparisons with the latter and it doesn’t look good for Donald.

You can probably guess which one of them has a biography entitled “The last Gentleman.”

Since Bush Senior died all the obituaries have included that quote “Read my lips – no new taxes.” Which of course President Bush Snr would renege on.

It stands out and is highlighted because it was such a rarity.

I dare say Donald Trump comes out with more exaggerations in a morning than Bush Snr managed in a lifetime.

He enlisted at the age of 18 and would become one of the youngest US combat pilots in World War 2.

In August 1944 he managed to fly his burning plane far enough away from enemy held territory before bailing out that he avoided capture.

Some of his squadron comrades weren’t so lucky. After being shot down they were executed and their livers eaten by their captors.

Donald Trump needs to hold hands walking down steps.

Although eligible for Vietnam, some accuse him for dodging the draft (the lottery that was recruitment back then) with several deferments.

Trump ended up finding a doctor who apparently discovered bone spurs in his heels.

They were enough to keep him away from where he feared to tread.

As president, Bush Snr will be remembered for the liberation of Kuwait.

Through quiet diplomacy he put together a huge coalition, set sensible goals and stuck to them when they were achieved. Pity his son didn’t do the same.

He will also be remembered for losing the 1992 election to Bill Clinton.

America is pulling out all the stops to honour its 41st president.

There will be many who are nostalgic for the time when such a classy, decent man occupied the Oval Office.

These days those days are just a memory.


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